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Think for a minute about your last fruit and vegetable purchase at your local grocery store. Do you know where those strawberries came from? Do you know what pesticides they have been sprayed with? Have you ever tasted a fresh, organically grown, vine ripened strawberry and compared it to how that store bought strawberry tastes? Now consider for a moment all the other produce you brought home from the store to feed your family and ask yourself those same questions. Now ask yourself this, what if you could raise the healthiest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables that you have ever tasted and do it organically with no pesticides in your own back yard? You can accomplish this with no need for power equipment or hands tools, not even a hoe! Furthermore, if you could do this and have a virtually weed free garden while raising 4-5 times more fruit and vegetables per square foot than other systems with a fraction of the time and effort would you be interested? What if we could provide you an organic raised bed gardening system that could pay for itself at least twice the first year? ....Give Us A Call!



....... so its not good enough for me! There is a lot to be said for our ancestors who were able to raise their families off of the land and not rely on store bought produce. It was a lot of hard, back breaking work. After our own battle with trying to raise a conventional garden, and losing to the weeds, we decided there had to be a better way. That's when we heard of Len Pense of Pensaroda Farms. We learned of his revolutionary system while researching organic gardening on the internet. His system seemed to overcome the inherent problems with organic gardening such as weed and pest control, space limitations, soil infertility, and our level of experience. Needless to say, we were impressed and downloaded his E-book and signed up for one of his gardening classes. He showed us first hand how his system worked and how his method has been successfully duplicated across the country in various climates and growing conditions. This was the system for us!



It really wasn't much of a discussion between my wife and myself, this was something we had to share. After several phone calls and discussions with Mr. Pense we decided to become a distributor for his Pre-Mix and Essential Elements Fertilizer so that others in our area could benefit from this revolutionary common sense, organic, weed free, gardening system.



Today's grocery stores are filled with fruits and vegetables that have been grown as cheap as possible to maximize profit. They have been subjected to herbicides, pesticides and chemically treated fertilizers. You have a choice, you can choose to eat healthy organically grown produce from your own garden at a fraction of the cost of buying it at your local grocer or you can continue to feed your family the same poisons that commercial growers use to prevent insect infestation, noxious weeds and disease. You can once again have tomatoes and strawberries that actually taste like tomatoes and strawberries. Enjoy the health benefits and flavor of eating organically grown fruits and vegetables. Our revolutionary system and products has worked for others across the country and can work for you as well. Contact us today and let us show you how!



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we like to think that pictures like these can be worth thousands off of your families grocery bill !































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