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How Does This System Work?

The Homestead Organic Gardening System is truly revolutionary. The system is made up of a soil-less growing medium called Pre-Mix and an Organic plant food called Essential Elements. These two products are combined in the correct ratios and placed in a raised bed environment made from common cement blocks. The end result is a PH balanced and versatile growing system that is unmatched and can produce 4-5 times more vegetables per square foot than any other system.

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What is the Organic Pre-Mix?

The Pre-Mix is based on a Pete Moss, Organic Cotton Burr Compost, and Rice Hulls mixture that is completely organic in nature and has never been subjected to any chemicals or herbicides.

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What is the Essential Elements (EE)?

Essential Elements or "EE" for short is made up of a 4-3-3 fertilizer with 42 trace elements. Twenty years of research and development and a quarter of a million dollars went into the development and formulation of the "EE" to provide optimum nutrition for your fruits and vegetables. No other plant food can compare.

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How much Essential Elements do I need?

Generally, two 5 gallon pails will be needed per 4'x16' bed. You will use one and a half pails in building up your bed the first time. Then after your first growing season you will use about 20 (actual) cups of the "EE" just before replanting your bed. For heavy feeding plants such as tomatoes, you should apply extra EE to those areas where you plan to plant them. We will be happy to show you how to do this. One 5 gallon pail will sustain a standard 4'x16' foot bed for 2 years. Just order EE as needed and we can ship via UPS to your location or you can pick it up at our location. Many customers stock up for several years to save on shipping.

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How often do I add Essential Elements to my soil?

Your garden bed is basically made up of 4'x4' sections. After you harvest your crop out of these areas, and before planting your next crop, you will need to add one large cup (furnished in each pail) of Essential Elements to that area. Simply work it into the top 2 or 3 inches with your fingers, no garden tools or tillers needed!

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Why do you use cement blocks for your garden beds?

Versatility! Cement blocks are inherently modular in nature and can be used to design many shapes and sizes of garden beds. They are inexpensive, readily available, and don't leach chemicals into the soil like railroad ties or landscaping timbers do. The holes in the cement blocks can be used to support vertical growing structures to support various plants and vines. An example would be cattle panels that are wire tied to vertical pvc pipes to support climbing plants. You can also use the holes in the blocks with flexible pvc water pipe to create an arched support for shade cloth during the hottest part of the summer or to support greenhouse plastic to protect against a cold snap or frost. These can also be used to extend your growing season a month or two into the late fall and winter depending on your planting zone.

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Why does my seed packet say "Does best in loose well drained soil"?

You will find that by using our growing medium you will be able to stick your hand down to the bottom of the bed anywhere at anytime. This is a loose growing medium and allows for optimum root development which the plants love. When new potatoes start setting on you can literally reach down into the soil and noodle them out one at a time without destroying the plant and it will go on to produce more potatoes. It is also impossible to over water this system, any excess water literally just drains out of the bottom.

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Are these beds for residential or commercial use?

While the system was developed for the home owner to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers it can easily be adapted to commercial use. Its small footprint, extremely high yield potential makes it an ideal candidate for commercial growers such as vendors at farmers markets who have a limited amount of space for production.

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How do I protect my garden from frost or mid summer heat?

Our system can be used in the early spring or late fall to extend your growing season by simply utilizing flexible pvc pipe and a few fittings to create an arched support for greenhouse material. You can also make a second arch and add a second layer of material to add even more frost protection for even colder climates. During the heat of the summer these same pvc arches can be used to support shade cloth to protect plants that do not do as well in the heat.

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What about using one of these beds in a greenhouse?

Actually this is an ideal setup. Using a greenhouse and our raised bed organic system there is no reason why you can't enjoy fresh vegetables all year long. This is a perfect solution for a crisis situation (survival garden). Times are tough and many predict they will only get tougher.

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How much does the Pre-Mix and Essential Elements cost?

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and help you plan an adequate garden for your family so that we are able to provide you an accurate estimate.

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Can you design a raised bed gardening system for me?

Yes we can. We can recommend several sizes and shapes depending on your needs. The most popular system is our Rotation Bed which is equivalent to 3 standard beds and allows for a 4 year rotation cycle. You do not want to plant anything in the nightshade family ( tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, and peppers etc) in the same bed except every 4 years and this bed allows for that rotation.

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Do you do installations of your gardening system?

Yes we do. Please contact us for details and pricing. We can do full or partial installations as well as just supplying the materials. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about installations regardless if you install it yourself or elect to have us install it for you.

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Where can I get your products? Do you deliver?

We stock the Pre-Mix and Essential Elements onsite. We can ship pails of Essential Elements to your location via UPS so that you can sustain your gardens year after year. We can also deliver Essential Elements and Pre-Mix depending on your location and schedule. You can also pickup your orders at our location in Rush Center KS. Please contact us for details.

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Our Raised Bed Gardens are constructed of common cement blocks which are inherently modular and allow construction of adaptive support structures for your plants. Design possibilities are limitless!





Installing one of our raised bed gardens in your greenhouse allows for fresh fruit and vegetables all year long. This is ideal in a crisis management situation (survival garden).


























































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