Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables With A Raised Bed Garden From Homestead Organic Gardening Systems.


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Have you ever tasted a fresh, organically grown, vine ripened strawberry? Do you know what chemicals your store bought fruit and vegetables have been sprayed with? Let us introduce you to a truly revolutionary organic, weed free, raised bed, vegetable, fruit, or flower gardening system. Our system produces four to five times more produce per square foot than traditional digging in the dirt with less than 10% of the time and effort. Our system should pay for itself at least twice in the first year. Be sure to check out our "FAQ's" and "About Us" pages for more details!

Grow Tomatoes larger than a slice of bread, Strawberries the size of Peaches and Pole Beans over twenty feet tall!

Some Facts About Our Raised Bed Gardens

  • Grow Your Own...... Naturally
  • Four To Five Times The Yield Of Any Other Gardening System
  • Grow Anywhere, Even Over Concrete
  • No Power Equipment or Garden Tools Needed, Not Even A Hoe
  • Soil-less Growing Medium
  • Virtually Weed Free
  • Perfect For Small yards Or Limited Space
  • One 4'x16' Bed Can Feed Two People All Year, Even In Winter
  • No Bending or Stooping, No More Sore Knees, Sit Down To Plant
  • Beds Should Pay For Themselves At least Twice The First Year




Some advantages of our HOMESTEAD ORGANIC GARDENING SYSTEMS raised bed garden.....

Build it, plant it, water it, and harvest it. Its that simple!

Ease of construction from commomly available components with no tools required.

Ideal for urban areas with little or no back yard. Works great as a "green" rooftop garden.

Perfect alternative for unfertile or rocky soil, works great over abandond concrete slabs and sidewalks.

A Revolutionary, Proven Method. Twenty years of research and developement went into this formula.






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