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Homestead Organic Gardening Systems Pre-Mix Growing Medium is a perfectly formulated mixture of pete moss, rice hulls, and organically grown cotton burr compost. All ingredients are sterilized and Ph balanced for fruits, vegetables, and flower gardens. This mixture provides the ideal growing medium to allow plants to develop an optimum root system. Growing medium never needs replaced and gets better and better each year as it composts. Pre-Mix comes in 3.0 cubic foot bags.



Homestead Organic Gardening Systems Essential Elements is a 4.3.3 fertilizer with 42 trace elements. Great care and cost was put into developing the perfect combination, not too much and not too little of anything. Len Pense (the Inventor) worked for 20 years and spent a quarter of a million dollars developing this formula. These essential elements are needed to maintain soil nutrition so that plants will absorb the proper amount of nutrition. By applying the proper amount of Essential Elements your beds will maintain the proper PH level. Essential Elements are mixed into the growing medium when the bed is initially built and then used as a side dressing to heavy feeding plants such as tomatoes and is added to the growing medium after each crop before replanting and at the beginning of each season. One 5 gallon pail will sustain a standard 4'x16' bed for 2 years.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we like to think that pictures like these can be worth thousands off of your families grocery bill !








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